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Isn’t all maple syrup Organic?
Myth vs Reality
No, not all maple syrup is organic!
There is a difference between organic maple syrup and non-organic maple syrup. For years health conscious consumers have seen the word “Pure” associated with maple syrup and assumed the best. Many conventional maple farmers can practice organic stewardship but Organic certification guarantees the following:

  • No pesticides or chemicals were used to manage this forest. Like any crop, a forest can be and is sprayed for insect problems or have unwanted trees that can be and are killed by chemicals. The same organic standards for field crops apply to maple forest i.e. buffer zones, runoff, no fertilizers etc.. Organic certification assures no pesticides/chemicals were used.

  • No formaldehyde has been used in tree tapping. Recent articles in the maple press indicate widespread use of this chemical in tree tapping even though it is illegal. Organic standards do not allow the use of formaldehyde.

  • A healthy forest. Organic standards limit the number of taps in maple trees. This practice sustains the health of the tree. Conventional methods can use as many taps as desired. Organic certification guarantees a holistic approach to maple production.

Our sugar house and woods are inspected every maple season by an inspector from the NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC to ensure that we are producing our maple syrup per strict organic guidelines. This is an advantage to the property owners that we lease land from, this gives us and them peace of mind that we are taking care of the land and most importantly the trees. We take a lot of pride in our maple products. If you are ever dissatisfied with anything you purchase from us, we’ll make it right.