Maple Honey Caramel Sauce
Maple Honey Caramel Sauce

Maple Honey Caramel Sauce

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Divinely delectable, rich, creamy organic caramel spread perfect for topping, saucing, cooking, dipping, spreading, and accompanying... ice cream, crepes, pies, cakes, sweet breads and pastries, flan, fresh fruits...

Made with: Maple Syrup, Cream, Honey, Butter, French Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean and Citric Acid.

Allergen: Contains Milk

Packaged in reusable mason jar tied with string secured with sealing wax. Store cool and dry (55°F - 68°F). Refrigerate after opening. Shelf life 5 months. For optimum texture and flavor, best enjoyed at room temperature.

Certified Organic through the NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC