Maple Honey Caramels with Toasted Almond Singles (Choose Size)

Maple Honey Caramels with Toasted Almond Singles (Choose Size)

Brookfield Maple Products

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Perfect for filling your candy dishes or simple sweet treats for your guests.

Our Maple Honey Caramels are handmade in batches using simple, natural organic ingredients: Maple, Honey, Cream, Butter, French Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, and Citric Acid, slow cooked to develop a complex caramelized flavor profile, distinct translucent deep amber color and smooth, chewy, creamy, buttery texture. The organic almonds are tossed with olive oil and sea salt, slow roasted to perfection.

Allergen: Milk, Tree Nut

Our caramels are hand-cut into a generous size 1 inch square, topped with an Organic toasted Almond, and individually hand-wrapped in parchment paper. Our packaging is distinctly different, simple light brown Kraft boxes, tied with linen or cotton string and secured with hot sealing wax.

Please keep cool and dry (55°F- 68°F). Shelf life 12 weeks. For optimum flavor and texture, best enjoyed at room temperature.

Certified Organic through the NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC