Benefits of Maple Syrup

Let’s face it, maple products like natural maple syrup and pretty high in sugar. This means that they will never really be healthy for you. But does that mean that maple products have zero nutritional value? Absolutely not! Like many things, natural maple syrup and other maple products can be good for you in moderation. Sure, there is sugar, but there are also numerous other components to maple products that have notable health benefits. In today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products, we take a look at some of the benefits that natural maple syrup and other maple products have! Keep reading to learn more. Or, to test it for yourself, feel free to order some of our Grade A maple products!

Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Believe it or not, maple syrup actually contains significant amounts of certain vitamins and minerals! It’s technically not “superfood,” but we think maple syrup is pretty super! Some of the more notable vitamin and minerals found in natural maple syrup include:


Manganese is one mineral that is found in abundance in maple products like natural maple syrup. Manganese is also commonly found in nuts, legumes, vegetables, and more. Manganese is responsible for helping your body’s digestion function properly. Manganese in maple syrup helps your body more efficiently utilize vitamins you ingest like vitamins C and E. Additionally, manganese is an important element in ensuring proper liver function. In most maple syrups, you can find more than 150% of your daily value of Manganese!

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Another notable mineral that you can find in natural maple syrup products is zinc. Zinc has well-documented, positive effects on immune health. In fact, many doctors recommend zinc for those fighting off or currently fighting sicknesses like the cold and flu. Zinc is also responsible for assisting in the production of DNA throughout the body, helping wounds heal properly, and contributes to proper taste and smell senses. You can find roughly 30% of your daily value of zinc in 80ml of natural maple syrup.


We all know calcium as the mineral that helps build strong bones — and that’s true. But did you know that calcium found in maple products can also help your blood clot properly? When you get a cut, it’s important that the bleeding stops as soon as possible. And that’s exactly what calcium does, enables your body to stop the bleeding more quickly. Also, calcium plays an important factor in the contraction of our muscles (including our heart beating!). Natural maple syrup isn’t overflowing with calcium, but it does have just under 10% of your daily value in 80ml worth.


Your body needs iron to help your body stay oxygenated. Iron helps your blood cells carry more oxygen throughout the body so each part can perform its necessary functions. Without enough iron, you will feel very weak and have low energy due to the fact that your body is not distributing its oxygen very efficiently. Like calcium, you can find a little under 10% of your recommended daily value of iron in natural maple syrup.

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Small but still notable amounts of the following can be found in maple products:


In natural maple syrup, you can also find vitamin B2 AKA riboflavin. Riboflavin is an essential vitamin found in many grains, plants, and dairy products. Riboflavin, like manganese, is an important part of your digestive health. Riboflavin aids in your body’s ability to digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


Magnesium found in maple syrup is a nutrient your body needs to regulate various systems throughout your body. It aids in all manner of functions from the production of DNA to the regulation of the nervous system. Magnesium plays a part in the regulation of:

  • Muscle functions
  • Nerve functions
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Protein production
  • Bone production
  • DNA production


Many people have heard of potassium and recognize it as a mineral that can be obtained by consuming bananas. Bananas are a significant source of potassium, but did you know that maple products like natural maple syrup also contain some potassium? Potassium from maple syrup helps your body by enabling your muscle to work properly. Most notably, potassium helps the muscles controlling your heartbeat and your breathing remain stable and strong.


Yet another nutritionally beneficial aspect of natural maple syrup are the antioxidants found in it. There are more than 20 different antioxidants found in maple syrup. But what does that mean? Antioxidants are said to be responsible for protecting your cells against what are known as “free radicals.” Free radicals have been linked to ailments like heart disease, cancer, and even aging. Now, eating lots of maple syrup isn’t the key to eternal youth. But it’s pretty neat that it contains helpful antioxidants that can help protect your cells from free radicals linked to some pretty serious diseases.

It’s Absolutely Delicious!

Last, but definitely not least, maple syrup tastes like heaven on earth. This makes it probably the biggest benefit of all! Not many things can bring immediate joy and happiness quite like maple syrup on your favorite foods. And when we say foods plural, we mean it! Natural maple syrup is great on so much more than just pancakes and waffles (though those are a classic). Many other common uses for natural maple syrup include but aren’t limited to:

  • Ice cream
  • Coffee and tea
  • Peanut butter and maple cream sandwiches
  • Cooking substitute for molasses
  • Veggies
  • Mixed drinks
  • Popcorn
  • Trail mix
  • Bacon
  • Eggs

What’s more beneficial than a tasty condiment that can be used on tons of different dishes?

Maple Syrup at Brookfield Maple Products

We hope today’s blog has been entertaining, educational, and given you a hankering for some yummy maple products! Again, we know that natural maple syrup doesn’t exactly qualify for the superfood category. But hey, it’s got some beneficial vitamins and minerals in it along with that tasty sugar. So next time someone is judging you for using too much maple syrup, you can tell them you are just trying to get your daily dose of manganese!

And don’t forget to shop Brookfield Maple Products for all your maple syrup needs! We are a family-owned and operated maple farm in Pennsylvania that takes pride in providing the world with the best maple products you’ll find anywhere. Our family has been making maple products for generations, and we intend on upholding that tradition for years to come.

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