Holiday Maple Candy Time

We started making our Maple Candy into the Holiday Shapes, getting ready for the Holiday Season.

Did you know that our Maple Candy is made from nothing but our Pure Organic Maple Syrup?   The process starts by cooking the syrup to a boiling point of 30-34 degrees above the boiling point of water, for that day, and yes, we boil water every day to determine the boiling point.  Once the cooked syrup reaches the desired boiling point, the cooking pot is removed from the heat and placed into a cooling pan so the syrup cools down to 190-200 degrees.  Then we pour the cooked syrup into the "pig", that's what the pan is called, because it kinda looks like a pig.  The valve is opened a to allow some syrup to drop into the trough where a worm gear will stir the syrup and push to the outlet end.  Once the syrup starts to crystallize a little, we open the outlet and start filling the candy molds.  Once the candy has cooled for a few hours, the pieces are removed from the molds and placed on pans, ready to eat, or left to dry for at least 2 days to prepare for crystal coating.

The entire process of making our Certified Organic Maple Candy takes about 4-6 hours.  If we are coating the candy, it takes an additional 4-5 days.


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