Maple Cotton Candy at Brookfield Maple Products

Cotton candy is a fan-favorite at carnivals, parades, theme parks, or practically any event you can think of! There really isn’t a bad or wrong occasion for cotton candy — cotton candy is fantastic anytime. But, have you ever heard of maple cotton candy before? If not, you are surely missing out! Maple cotton candy is one of our most popular sellers here at Brookfield Maple Products, and it’s easy to see why once you’ve tried some. Today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products is all about maple cotton candy. Keep reading to learn more and if you are ready to try some maple cotton candy for yourself, you can find it here.

What is Maple Cotton Candy?

So what is maple cotton candy really? This question is probably much simpler than you thought. Regular cotton candy is pretty much just dyed and spun sugar. Maple cotton candy is spun maple sugar — simple as that! In fact, in the old days, maple cotton candy was referred to as “spun sugar.”

How Is Maple Cotton Candy Made?

At Brookfield Maple Products, we make our maple cotton candy out of our pure, certified-organic maple sugar. We mix our industry-leading maple sugar with quality cane sugar and use our commercial cotton candy machine to melt the sugar and spin it into maple cotton candy. Then, it gets placed in a clear, sealed tub and sent straight to you to enjoy!

If you are interested, you can buy individual maple cotton candy tubs or a four-pack of maple cotton candy.

What Makes Maple Cotton Candy at Brookfield Maple Products Special?

What sets maple cotton candy at Brookfield Maple Products apart from other maple cotton candy is the quality. At Brookfield Maple Products, we pride ourselves on making the best maple syrup, maple products, and pure maple sugar. We use only fresh, organic, Pennsylvania maple that we harvest ourselves. When you taste our maple cotton candy, or any of our maple products for that manner, you can really taste the difference.

If you are interested in learning more about us or viewing our other maple products, feel free to browse through our site.

Sweet and Low Calorie!

Did you know that maple cotton candy can make for a sweet, low-calorie treat? For those that are making an effort to reduce their overall calorie intake, maple cotton candy makes for a great dessert or reward! It uses all-natural, organic maple sugar, and has a sweet taste that everyone is sure to love!

Affordable and Unique

Perhaps the best part about maple cotton candy is that it is so affordable! At Brookfield Maple Products, you can try a full tub of our maple cotton candy for less than five dollars. At that price, you can really stock up! Many people choose maple cotton candy as a sweet treat for themselves and their family or as a unique gift for a loved one. Maple cotton candy makes an especially thoughtful and unique gift if the person has never tried it before.

Shop Maple Cotton Candy at Brookfield Maple Products

At Brookfield Maple Products, our maple cotton candy is one of our most popular products. We hope that today’s blog has convinced you to give it a chance. If it has, we know that you won’t be disappointed. Our certified-organic maple sugar from Pennsylvania makes this maple cotton candy some of the best you’ll find anywhere. If you’d like to learn more about our maple cotton candy or shop our other maple products, feel free to check out our featured maple products.

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