Maple Product Highlight: Maple Gift Bags

For this month’s featured maple product, there’s no more perfect option than the maple gift baskets! December is the season of giving and family, so maple gift baskets make for the perfect maple product highlight. In today’s blog at Brookfield Maple products, we talk a little bit about our gift basket options, the products within them, and more. Keep reading to learn more about this month’s featured maple product and be sure to check out our online store for other great maple products!

Maple Syrup Gift Bag #1

We’re kicking things off with Gift Basket #1. This affordable and thoughtful gift comes in a shrink-wrapped bag and contains two delightful gifts in one — a 250ml snowflake bottle filled to the brim with our natural maple syrup and a one-pound bag or our Old Fashioned Pancake and Waffle Mix. This gift basket is perfect for the breakfast lover in your life. Its stand-out feature is the delightful and decorative snowflake maple syrup container that can be refilled and reused for many years to come. The snowflake maple syrup container is filled with our certified organic, grade A amber maple syrup.

Maple Syrup Gift Bag #2

This maple product gift basket is very similar to Gift Basket #1 but with one key difference. Instead of the holiday-themed snowflake container full of natural maple syrup, Maple Product Gift Basket #2 comes with a traditional glass bottle shaped maple syrup container. If the person you are shopping for isn’t so much a snowflake syrup bottle kind of person, Gift Basket #2 is an excellent option. The bottle in this maple product gift basket even has images of people in the snow outside their quaint rustic homes. This gift basket also comes in a transparent shrink wrap bag, contains Brookfield Maple Products’ grade A Amber maple syrup, and has the one-pound Old Fashioned Pancake/Waffle Mix.

Maple Syrup Gift #3

Last but certainly not least is Maple Syrup Gift Basket #3. This gift basket varies from the other two in a few key areas and provides you with options the other two don’t. This maple product gift basket comes with the same traditional style maple syrup bottle as in Gift Basket #2, but instead of 250ml, the bottle in this gift basket contains 500ml of our grade A amber natural maple syrup. In addition to doubling the maple syrup, we also double the amount of pancake/waffle mix and give you a choice between Buckwheat, Buttermilk, or Old Fashioned mix. This maple product gift basket gives you a great bang for your buck and makes for an excellent gift for nearly anyone in your life.

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Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products and checking out this month’s featured maple product! We hope that you’ve learned a little more about our maple gift baskets and the various options they come in. This holiday season, be sure to pick up one of our three excellent gift baskets for that special someone in your life, and feel free to browse our other maple products at Brookfield Maple Products.

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