Maple-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you plan to do some socially-distanced trick-or-treating or plan on handing out candy, there are a few great maple-product-themed costumes for all you maple syrup lovers out there. In today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products, we talk about a few of our favorite maple-themed Halloween costume ideas! Keep reading for some great ideas and be sure to keep stocked on plenty of Grade-A Brookfield Maple Products this October. 

Buddy the Elf and Maple Syrup

No one, real or fictional, loves maple syrup more than Buddy the Elf. For those of you who haven’t seen the holiday hit “Elf”, Buddy the Elf is a human that was raised as an elf. And in the movie, an elf’s diet primarily consists of sugar — with maple syrup being on top of the elf food pyramid. When Buddy the Elf comes to live in the human world, everyone around him is astonished at how much he loves syrup and how he puts it on literally everything he eats.

So naturally, Buddy the Elf and maple syrup make for the perfect combination costume. Whether you are looking for a great couples costume idea, fun costumes for twins, or just want a fun themed costume with a friend of yours, you can’t go wrong with Buddy the Elf and maple syrup as your maple product themed costume!

Pancakes and Syrup

There are plenty of examples of dynamic duos in the food world that have completely changed the game. Peanut butter and jelly, hotdogs and ketchup, and perhaps the most iconic, pancakes and syrup. If you and whomever you plan on teaming up with for a Halloween costume are inseparable and want a great costume that helps show that, then pancakes and syrup are the perfect maple product themed costume for you. Who’s ever heard of eating pancakes without syrup? It’s ludicrous! 

Maple Tree

Are you interested in paying your respects to the miracles that are maple-producing trees? Pay homage and show your thanks to the maple trees by dressing up like a maple tree for Halloween! It’s a fun and original costume idea that anyone who sees it is sure to love. Plus as an added bonus, it’s a great way to communicate your deep love for maple products to the world. 

Straight-Up Maple Syrup

Looking for a simple, straight-forward maple-themed Halloween costume this October? You can’t go wrong dressing up as a bottle of maple syrup. Plenty of people dress up as their heroes, why not dress up like yours? Maple syrup bottles are fun, entertaining, unique, and are something EVERYBODY loves. Show the world just how much maple products and maple syrup really mean to you. Dress us like a maple syrup bottle this Halloween!

Brookfield Maple Products

Thanks for joining us for today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products. We hope that it has been helpful in providing great maple-themed costume ideas for all you maple lovers this Halloween. 

If you love maple syrup but aren’t quite ready to take your relationship to the next level by dressing up as something maple-related, that’s okay. You can simply order some delicious maple products from Brookfield Maple Products and enjoy the delicious Grade-A maple syrup for yourself.

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