Our Favorite Maple Products That Aren't Syrup

At Brookfield Maple Products, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of pure maple products straight from our maple farm. While our organic maple syrup is undoubtedly a customer favorite, we also have other delicious treats that incorporate the rich and distinct flavor of maple. Explore our top maple products and shop today!

Maple cotton candy

Organic Maple Cotton Candy

Who doesn't love the fluffy goodness of cotton candy? Our organic Organic Maple Cotton Candy takes this nostalgic treat to a whole new level. Made with 100% organic maple syrup, our cotton candy is spun into delicate and melt-in-your-mouth strands of sweetness. Each bite is an explosion of maple flavor, giving you a delightful twist on a childhood favorite.

Maple candies

Maple Candies

Maple Candies are a classic maple treat that never disappoints. Made with our delicious maple syrup, these candies offer a burst of natural maple flavor in a delightful bite-sized form. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, our maple candies are a popular choice for children and adults alike.

Maple cream

Maple Cream

For a velvety smooth maple indulgence, our Maple Cream is an absolute must-try. Made by carefully cooking our organic maple syrup until it reaches the perfect consistency, our Maple Cream has a silky texture with a rich, creamy taste. Spread it on toast, use it as a filling for pastries, or simply enjoy it by the spoonful. 

BBQ sauce

Maple BBQ Sauce (Coming Soon)

This tangy and sweet sauce combines the smoky essence of traditional BBQ with the unique flavor of pure maple syrup. Whether you're grilling up some ribs, chicken, or veggies, Maple BBQ Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to take your meals to the next level. Try out this  for yourself!

Find Organic Maple Syrup and More Today!

Don't limit yourself to just organic maple syrup — explore the wide range of flavors and delights that pure maple can offer. Shop our selection of maple products today at Brookfield Maple Products! 

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