Reasons Brookfield Maple Products Produces the Best Syrup

Jars of maple syrup

For some, maple syrup is a dime-a-dozen, but at Brookfield Maple Products, it's an art form and a way of life. That's why we pour all of our passion and expertise into every bottle of maple syrup we produce from our family farm in Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Brookfield Maple Products started in 1996 in an old sugar shack in the woods, making just enough maple syrup for our families and friends. 

Since then, we have grown, improved, and developed into one of the premier and most well-respected maple product production farms in the Northeast. Explore our collection of delicious products and keep reading to learn about four reasons Brookfield Maple Products produces the best syrup around!

Traditional Glass Syrup Container

Small-Batch Production

Our small-batch scale and hands-on approach to production allow us to produce the highest quality syrup. We use the most recent technologies to ensure every batch has the perfect flavor and consistency.

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 Natural Ingredients

We use only the freshest, purest ingredients to create our products. Our syrup is made from 100% pure maple sap, which is collected from local maple trees and processed into syrup.

Jars of maple syrup being produced

Quality Control

We take quality control seriously and have an extensive process in place to ensure each bottle of syrup meets our high standards. From start to finish, each batch is monitored and tested to guarantee the best results.

3.4oz Jug Organic Maple Syrup


Owners, Bud and Tina Bowers have been producing high-quality maple products for nearly 30 years. Our expertise and dedication to creating the best syrup available mean you can trust that your purchase is of the highest quality.

At Brookfield Maple Products, we are committed to providing the highest quality maple syrup for our customers. We strive to create products that are delicious, natural, and of the highest quality. We are proud of our small-batch production process, natural ingredients, and quality control measures that ensure our syrup is the best you can buy. Start shopping now!

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