What is Maple Cream?


What is Maple Cream?

At Brookfield Maple Products, our maple syrup farm has been producing grade A Pennsylvania maple syrup (amongst other fantastic maple products) for more than 20 years. We love making maple syrup products like maple candies, maple cream, maple butter, and helping people discover their own passion for creating maple products with our maple equipment. Today’s blog from our team at Brookfield Maple Products is for those newer or unfamiliar with the wonderful world of maple. Today, we talk about maple cream, what it is, how it differs from other maple products, how it’s used, and more! 

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What Maple Cream Is

Maple cream is 100% all-natural maple syrup. Maple cream is made by cooking our natural, certified organic maple syrup to a boiling temperature of 24 degrees above the boiling point of water (about 235 degrees) and then cooled back down to under 60 degrees as quickly as possible then mixed. The heating and cooling process paired with the mixing of the maple syrup makes for a whole new texture and maple product — maple cream! There are never any added ingredients turning natural maple syrup into maple cream. Simply boil, cool, then mix. 

If you are interested in making your own maple cream, check out our 1/2hp Maple Cream Machine at Brookfield Maple Products. It’s easy to use and helps you mix significantly more natural maple syrup into maple cream than you could by mixing by hand.

How Maple Cream Differs from Maple Butter

Some people have heard of maple cream before and maple butter, but aren’t familiar with what the differences are between the two maple products. Simply put, maple cream is natural maple syrup boiled, cooled, and then stirred with no added ingredients. Maple butter is also a product that is created from maple syrup, but it has other ingredients (mainly butter) added into the mix. Generally, maple butter is created using two parts butter and one part maple syrup. This makes for a slightly different flavor profile and a shorter shelf-life than maple cream. 

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Common Maple Cream Uses

Since maple cream has a cream cheese type of texture, it’s not uncommon to see this maple product used in a similar fashion. For example, maple cream is great on bagels and english muffins. Bud’s favorite way to use Maple Cream is to make a toasted, maple cream, peanut butter, and banana sandwich with homemade bread or english muffins. But there are many other uses for maple cream including: 

  • Use with cheese and crackers
  • Mix with mustard for a meat glaze
  • Mix with whipped cream for a delicious dessert topping
  • Put a little in your morning coffee to add a sweet flavor
  • Use as a sweet filling in a pastry 
  • Mix in with ice cream for a delicious and unique flavor
  • And much, much more

The uses of maple products like maple cream are limitless. If you are feeling bold and creative, you can even try to experiment by adding maple cream to some of your other favorite desserts, snacks, and foods for a fun and tasty culinary adventure.

Brookfield Maple Products

We hope that today’s blog at Brookfield Maple Products has helped to add a little clarity as to what maple cream is, what it’s used for, and how it differs from our other wonderful maple products. Try some natural maple cream for yourself if you haven’t already or pick some up as a thoughtful gift for your friend or loved one!


Making Maple Cream Video

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