5/16" Slide Fitting (choose quantity)

5/16" Slide Fitting (choose quantity)

Lapierre USA

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Lapierre 5/16" Slide Fitting and accessories.

• Eliminates 5/16” tubing tension on saddle manifolds;
• Replaces 5/16” connector hooks;
• Attaches easily to support wire without cutting the 5/16” tubing

• Replaces end of line drop-line hooks, Y’s and other lateral line end fittings;
• The last drop line can be installed 3 different ways;
• With slide fitting hook or tie wrap;
• With 14 gauge wire around tree (hooked or tied to slide fitting holes);
• Can be easily undone to work in the area and put back in a snap;
• The greater the tension, the tighter the slide fitting is;
• Allow easy retightening of 5/16” tubing;
• No tool required to install;
• Simply slide the two pieces together.