Snowflake shaped glass bottle filled with natural maple syrup with gift tag

Snowflake Bottle Maple Syrup Gift

Brookfield Maple Products

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• This syrup container has a unique snowflake-shaped design.
• The snowflake organic maple syrup bottle makes an excellent gift for Christmas, Birthdays, and more.
• The syrup container has Organic Grade A Amber, rich tasting syrup.
• The syrup container comes with a certified snowflake hang tag.

Give a unique gift or fall into the winter spirit by purchasing your own maple syrup gifts snowflake bottle from Brookfield Maple Products. With fresh, delicious maple inside, our bottles create wonderful keepsakes and must-have ingredients in the kitchen. Only the best maple makes it into our glass bottles, and it would be our pleasure to share our best with you. Shop our collection of great maple syrup gifts today for festive favorites.

• Contains 250ml or 8.45oz of Grade A Amber Syrup