Maple Syrup Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to syrup, there’s nothing better than the fresh sweet taste of organic maple syrup. At Brookfield Maple Products, we make 100% organic maple syrup, ensuring that you are getting only the best! Our family-owned-and-operated maple farm in Pennsylvania makes sure that you are getting sweet goodness in every drop of maple syrup. Did you know there are numerous recipes you can make with maple syrup? You can do more than lathering up pancakes and waffles. One of our favorite things to make with our maple syrup is cocktails! If you want to learn more about Brookfield Maple Products and organic maple syrup cocktails, keep reading!

Cinnamon Maple Whisky Sour

Grab your favorite whiskey, some fresh lemon juice, a bottle of Brookfield Maple Syrup, and a cinnamon stick! Muddle and shake these ingredients together to make a sweet twist on the traditional whiskey sour. 

Cranberry Maple Bourbon 

This drink is perfect for the holidays! The cranberries and maple syrup bring out the flavor in each other. For this cocktail, all you need is fresh cranberries, your favorite bourbon, ginger ale, lime juice, and soda water. Don’t forget the maple syrup to add some sweet flavor! 

Maple Apple Margarita 

Who doesn’t love a delicious margarita? With your favorite tequila, shake together fresh lime juice, apple juice, our maple syrup, and a little bit of simple syrup. Rim your margarita glass with our maple syrup and then dip it in cinnamon and sugar for some extra sweetness! 

Brookfield Maple Products 

At Brookfield Maple Products, we love making sweet new recipes using our delicious maple. Get a bottle of our syrup today and try out your own recipes and share them with us. We love to see what our customers come up with!

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